ADIVIC RF ATE Test solution / MP5800


• MP5800 seamlessly upgrades your existing Chroma 3380/3650 to RF ready ATE test solution.
• User friendly debug tools
• IOT turnkey test solution
• Able to generate complex waveforms to verify receiver performance
• VSA decodes CW or complex modulation.
• Built in 802.11 & 802.15 Signal generator & analysis
• Fully programmable VSA/VSG across 10MHz to 6ghz frequency.
• Intuitive tools to create custom waveforms


Function Feature

• Software Defined Radio(SDR) architecture with VSG/VSA in one Box
• RF Port Support Bi-Directional & TX Broadcast function
• Support Wi-Fi/BT… standard & General Purpose Modulation
• Build-in arbitrary waveform generator & Debug Tools
• Support Calibration Box for auto cable loss test & Power Meter function
• User friendly GUI for R&D/QA applications
• API for production automation programming
• Integrated Chroma 3380/3650 to build full RF/Digital ATE turkey solution