GPS Simulator


GPS Simulator (Multi-Channel)
Capable of position fix tests for 8 satellites
Applicable for single channel C/N0 value Test

Multi-channel GPS simulator for positioning

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To Solve Your Following Problem

  • Using an antenna to collect GPS signal, the signal strength will be affected by the weather
  • Only a pure signal generator can have stable GPS signal



There Are Many GNSS Systems In The World, But Only Need To Test GPS In Mass Production Stage

To save the testing time in production, so long as GPS can function well, other systems are only supporting system.

Using The Algorithm to Generate Long Time Signal

  • Using algorithm is able to generate arbitrary signals.

  • There are GPS-recording machines on the market, which cannot generate the arbitrary signal.

There Are Two Output Ports On MP6220 Which Provide Two Different Ways To Use

The factory can use high-power port and split the signal to multiple product lines Engineer can use low-power port which close to real world situation and test products

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Key Features:

  • Multi-channel GPS simulator for GPS receiver position fix test

  • Individual channel is power adjustable

  • Applicable for single channel C/N0 value Test

  • Tunable power output level from -160dBm to -55dBm


Frequency Characteristics


  • Frequency Range : 1575.42 MHz

  • Warm-up time (typical) : 30 minutes

  • Frequency Accuracy : ±100 ppb maximum

  • Temperature stability : ±100 ppb maximum

  • Aging (Per year) : ±100ppb maximum (Per day) : ±1 ppb maximum


  • Number : 1 CH~ 8 CH

  • Navigation data : GPS C/A @ 1.023 MHz with 50 bps

  • Modulation : BPSK

RF Output Characteristics

  • High power normal output level : -55 dBm to -90 dBm

  • Low power normal output level : -90 dBm to -160 dBm

  • Individual Channel Attenuation setting range: -31.5 dB to 0 dB