Automotive testing expo 2017

March 09,2017

ADIVIC RF Recorder/Player Overview

MP7 series is a specic RF measurement instrument which is able to capture signals o the air and
faithfully playback. To carry out eld testing and performance testing, MP7 series are excellent
assistance with fast signal analysis for all existing communication standards and modulation schemes
regardless digital and analogue. In addition, it also allows users to precisely record and investigate the
wanted signals, adjacent channel signals, noise/fading signals and any other distortion signals
accordingly by means of excellent performance against spurious signals.


MP7200 is basic version for spectrum analysis within 25 MHz bandwidth.
MP7300 is specialized for the requirement of simultaneous two-channel recording/playback.
MP7600 is the most powerful version with wider bandwidth and compact housing for contemporary
wireless communication standards.



Key Features

• Ultra-high frequency coverage from 300 KHz to 6.0 GHz
• Pre-trigger function to keep your valuable record data even before the trigger event
• 100MHz super wide bandwidth capable of simultane ously record/playback of 16 NTSC TV channels
• MP7600 can have a maximum of 7 sets, synchronized in parallel, RF record/playback
• 16-bit high resolution of the ADC/DAC
• Smart AGC to extend usable dynamic range to greater than 150dB
• High linearity to accommodate strong & weak signals
• Additional traces for maximum/minimum holds
• 20+ markers for easy signal identification
• Baseband IQ data formats compatible to MATLAB
• Software utility support including I/Q data extractor and file segmentation
• 2.5 inches SSD x4 internal drive bays (4 X 480 GB by default, 1 TB x4 upgradable
• 1PPS, IRIG-B support (Optional)